School's name important

I’ve read the letter to the editor from John Wesley Stokes, a man appalled by verbal attacks on Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz (“Stop protesting, move on,” Aug. 25).

Well, I’m somewhat appalled that anyone can believe that Azziz and Georgia’s Board of Regents did the right thing in approving the widely disliked “Georgia Regents University” as the name for the combined Augusta State University and GHSU. Azziz and the regents were deceptive and disingenuous. If a name is so unimportant, why did Mr. Stokes sign his letter with three of them?

For those of us who live in the Central Savannah River Area, the name “Augusta” means something. Friends of ours from other states may know nothing of Evans, Martinez, Grovetown or other areas – but they do know of Augusta. Just as having the word “Georgia” in the university’s name is important, so is having the word “Augusta” in it. What part of that concept do some people not understand?


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