Honor both schools' legacy

Regarding the name change of “Georgia Regents University” for the combined Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University: I, along with most Augusta-area citizens, do not accept the name chosen as having any attraction at all.


However, continued wrangling and fussing can be detrimental to the interests of all parties, and do great harm to the overall project. A successful outcome requires cooperation and good feeling, and that everybody be on board.

I can agree with the administration that leaving “Augusta” in the name tends to make it sound like a local college, and would present confusion and identity problems, particularly with branch facilities, as are planned in other cities in the state.

I would like to offer the name “Legacy University” as a compromise. This could suggest in people’s minds the legacy of the two great foundational schools and their wonderful histories, traditions and accomplishments.

It would be a name of substance that the Georgia Board of Regents and people anywhere could back with pride and confidence. It would fit well with a marketing effort of the school, to the effect that it is just not a new school, but has a solid background of accomplishment and reputation, and is going forward to lead in education and research for centuries ahead.

If anyone reading this agrees with it, get behind it and push – including this newspaper.


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