Azziz's remarks insulting

Quoting Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz: “We are among the worst institutions for success in Georgia and have been for a decade.” (“Azziz discusses need for growth,” Aug. 25)

How dare he make such degrading comments directed toward Augusta State University? This is demeaning not only to ASU but to former President William Bloodworth, and the professors, graduates and students of this university. These appalling remarks are offensive to all those who attended or graduated from ASU and made successes of their lives.

This is a slap in the face especially to those who worked hard, faced hardships and struggled to further their education. Many had to juggle families and jobs plus the requirements of school. I take personal offense to this matter because my mother graduated from the Junior College of Augusta in 1934, and my son in 2001 from Augusta State University. I am a graduate of Augusta College in 1972.

For Azziz to refer to ASU as one of the “worst institutions for success” is a disgrace on his part. Certainly there are many graduates , students and professors who share my feelings. Shame on him! Please take notice that “Augusta” always has been included in the name of the college and the university, and I will continue to refer to it as AC or ASU.



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