Regents should take community support into account

I am writing to inform you of my illimitable disappointment in the appointed members of the Georgia Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia. Their flagrant indifference toward valuable input – not only of the community of Augusta, but of survey studies nationally – is demoralizing.


I urge everyone to appeal to their appointed Regents. Request that they re-examine their responsibilities and do what is right for the community that has supported and fostered both Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University for so many years.

For 25 years, I have been an active member of the community here in Augusta. Augusta is my home. As a student at St. Mary on the Hill, Aquinas High School, Augusta State University and Augusta Technical College, my education is proudly Augusta-based.

I have worked as a student assistant at Augusta State University in the Study Abroad office. With that office, I was able to travel the world and gain valuable knowledge from insightful experiences. I also am an avid Jaguar fan. When I was not working in the concessions stand to raise money for study-abroad programs, you would find me on the court in a Jaguar mascot uniform sharing my enthusiasm. Three separate times I traveled to Springfield, Mass., to cheer on the men’s basketball team. Like many people in this town, ASU is more than just a school – it is imbedded in our lives and our history.

I choose not to write to you about GHSU President Ricardo Azziz. I feel he is a capable man who suffers from a severe case of pride – that which is misplaced. Instead I ask readers to insist the Board of Regents reassess the name Georgia Regents University. The merger of two beloved universities should have the full-fledged backing of the community that supports it.

Remind the regents that, while citizens may not have appointed the majority of the members, we have a say. Inform them that the citizens of the state they represent are dissatisfied with their decision. Refresh their memories of their mission statement, that “each institution in the University System of Georgia will be characterized by a supportive campus climate.”

Sean Mooney


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