Debate over name should end

Much has been written and said about the new name given to Augusta’s recently combined universities. The emotional ties to these proud old institutions have led many Augustans to feel betrayed and slighted by the name Georgia Regents University.


Rather than understand and accept the complex business of choosing a name for what is destined to become Georgia’s next top-tier university, those opposed would question motives and seek to damage the reputation of individuals whose vision and effort will protect the legacy of Augusta College and the Medical College of Georgia, and usher in a period of growth and prosperity for the city of Augusta perhaps unlike any other time in our city’s long history.

The merger of these two schools into Georgia Regents University will benefit Augustans across socioeconomic lines for generations, not to mention the benefit to all Georgians of enhanced health-care services provided by greater numbers of men and women trained in Augusta.

To those opposed to the name Georgia Regents University, I say that you can disagree, you can be disappointed and you can even protest! However, you should not vilify talented, intelligent men and women of good will, and men and women willing to give of their time for the good of this community and the state of Georgia.

It would be a shame if, instead of demonstrating our pride of place and love of all things Augusta, an outcome of the name-change controversy is that the governor of our great state and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia come to question the commitment they have made to the city of Augusta and its citizens.

The debate over the name of Georgia Regents University should end. We should focus our energy and support on the hard work of building Georgia’s next great academic research university right here in Augusta.

Joseph W. Hughes


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