Name change is damaging

A modest proposal: Let’s level the current homes and churches of Summerville to make way for student housing and parking lots. The extra space could be used for a future football stadium and other Georgia Regents University expansion. In no time at all, we can forget Walton Way, the Hill, and Summerville, and adjust to “Regents Row,” “the Campus” and “Azzizville.”


A serious proposal: Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz should be held personally responsible for the cost of the university-name marketing survey ($45,500) that was completely ignored, and for the cost of any legal expense incurred over the GRU name. He also should repay the cost involved in the previous name change from the Medical College of Georgia to GHSU.

Of course, the cost to the thousands of graduates of both MCG and Augusta State University in terms of decrease in value of their degrees is impossible to measure. The cost in loss of community support, while much greater than he could have anticipated, is also impossible to fully measure. Then there is the reduced ability to attract students from other areas of the country, not to mention other areas of the world.

Name recognition is a valuable thing, and this name change is the dumbest move since “new Coke.”

Ken Dendinger


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