Cities recognized strongly

The Augusta Chronicle’s article of Aug. 19 (“Leader steered naming”), on the lobbying of Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz for the appropriate name of the merged universities, quoted his email of June 19: “(H)ow many top 50 comprehensive Universities are named for their city … ?”


By example he uses the University of North Carolina, but as one who is employed in North Carolina and spends a great deal of time in that state, I would remind Azziz that the campus he refers to is routinely called UNC-Chapel Hill. That is to distinguish it from the other campuses around the state, such as Wilmington, Pembroke, etc.

Also, Azziz doesn’t include any of the names from the pre-eminent publicly funded university system, the University of California. All of those campuses include the location name. The flagship campus is often simply referred to as Berkeley.

You cannot aspire to be more big-picture than that, but perhaps Azziz is not up to the task. Name the thing Azziz State Science University and be done with it.

Lee G. Sprague


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