Azziz, Obama are similar

Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz and President Obama have much in common. They must have their way. They appear to have been spoiled brats in their upbringing.


Obama has failed as a so-called leader in the past three years, and the United States is being destroyed by his leadership and the thugs who help him.

Azziz also is a poor leader – always wanting his way and not listening to the multitudes of people who wanted “Augusta” in the name change that refers to Augusta State University and GHSU as Georgia Regents University.

Azziz is too proud to admit he made a big mistake in the name change that he insisted on. Azziz needs to resign in disgrace, and the leadership of the medical establishment needs to hire a leader who will listen to the people.

We also need to be registered and vote in November to put Obama on unemployment.

Richard L. Gfeller

Trenton, S.C.



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