Don't let ASU fund-raising suffer over name controversy

The name for the new university being created by consolidation has prompted much concern in our community, and some individuals are calling for the withdrawal of their financial support from both institutions in order to make a statement about the name, or the naming process.


As the community co-chairman of A Day for Augusta State University, please let me urge you not to take this course of action. The “A Day” campaign has been an instrumental source of fund-raising by the campus and community for the past 18 years. Withholding your donations punishes the students, faculty and staff of ASU for something that is not under their control.

We now find ourselves in an unfortunate dilemma – the balance between support of a loved entity and frustration with the current situation. The community should not let itself succumb to action that directly affects the important mission and goals of Augusta State University and the futures of many students who will be attending this fine institution.

We all take great pride in our historic university. The Day for ASU campaign supports such things as scholarships; faculty and staff development; community service projects; and many academic programs.

The on-campus campaign began last week and is being spearheaded by Athletic Director Clint Bryant. Columbia County Deputy Schools Superintendent Sandra Carraway and I are co-chairing the community campaign, which begins in mid-September. We all are working diligently to reach this year’s goal of $555,000 by Oct. 12 – A Day for ASU.

I urge all who care about Augusta State University to uphold all that we have built over the years by continuing their financial support of our great institution. Whatever the name is, or may be, it is our university; let us not punish the innocent for an ill-conceived vote by the Georgia Board of Regents.

Please support ASU’s Day campaign by sending your contribution to A Day for ASU, Augusta State University Foundation, 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904. Your donation does not endorse a name – it strengthens the mission and success of our university.

We have been, we are and we will be a Jaguar Nation!

M. David Alalof



(The writer is a 1969 graduate of the former Augusta College.)

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