Unify to oppose new name

As a recipient of three degrees from Augusta State University, I have followed the news regarding the naming of our city’s “new U,” and have thought extensively on what has been the cause of all this outrage.


I believe many – from members of the Board of Regents to citizens to members of the press – have concluded, incorrectly, that the outrage is because the community doesn’t like the name, or unhappiness because of the omission of “Augusta.” It seems to me, however, that the dissatisfaction more likely stems from the community feeling like it was misled and deceived.

If the Board of Regents intends to create a comprehensive research university in our city, and expects our community to support this university, it must begin to show an effort to demonstrate transparency. I also urge members of the community who are in leadership positions to help organize a unified voice.

Those who oppose the name have created Facebook pages, written letters and begun petitions on change.org – but nothing would compare to a real organized and unified effort. Let’s hope that a recognized name from our community will step forward and represent us, and promote our cause in a way that cannot be ignored by the Board of Regents.

Richard Craig III


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