Dishonesty is disgusting

As a retired dean from Augusta State University I am really surprised at the level of dishonesty and “smoke and mirrors” activity that has been allowed to happen in the naming of two fine institutions as they are merged.


I witnessed administrators removed and/or replaced because of a lapse of professional honesty or for misrepresenting the facts in specific situations.

Under the honorable administration of ASU President William Bloodworth, this type of activity was not tolerated. What has happened as of Aug. 1, with the new administration? What has changed?

I cannot believe that the Board of Regents is not camped out in the Augusta area to get to the bottom of who distorted the truth, who misled the public and who overruled all of the promises made to everyone with regard to this name change. Where is the integrity? Where is the accountability? I am embarrassed for the Board of Regents. Do they not care?

I love both ASU and Georgia Health Sciences University, and have immediate family members with earned degrees from each institution. I served Augusta College and then Augusta State University for 37 years, and am proud of that fact. I am now just embarrassed that the leadership has taken this avenue.

I have been told by many colleagues that they have been “silenced” on these issues; and, have been told in meetings that “none of this conversation may leave this room.” Is this a public institution? Is this honor? I would have been fired very quickly if I had attempted to run the college that I was entrusted to lead in such a manner – and rightly so.

The silence of the faculty, administration and staff speaks volumes on this issue. The silence of the city leaders (most of them) also speaks volumes.

This is a scary situation when applied to the future of this administration.

I am very much afraid that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Richard Harrison



(The writer was dean of Augusta State University’s College of Education.)

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