Stand up to Azziz and fight

Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, unite!


The president of GHSU – I still call it the Medical College of Georgia – sells out both schools for the name Georgia Regents University. From what I see, Ricardo Azziz has no concern for Augustans, its universities or anything else in Augusta. He draws a big check to run the medical school and is a yes-man for the Board of Regents. Now he is put in as president of the consolidated schools. Go figure,

Does Azziz run the CSRA? People, meetings with Azziz fall on deaf ears. He does not care what we think. My real question is for the commissions of Augusta and Columbia County, and Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver: Do you people run your respective areas and care what is thought, or are you going to stand in the shadows and be dictated to by Azziz and the Board of Regents? Augusta A&M or the University of Augusta sounds a lot better that GRU.

Don’t let the CSRA down. Fight for what is right, and show Azziz and the Board of Regents that you listen to whom you represent and get the name changed – or tuck your tails and accept GRU. Give the people a chance to vote on the name in the November elections. This country is founded on freedom of speech, not dictatorship.

Charles Johnson




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