Let name reflect mission

I thought that Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz was hired to direct an institution that was responsible for teaching, treatment and research. So far he has changed the name of the grand old Medical College of Georgia to GHSU, but he is not satisfied with that. He now wants another change, to Georgia Regents University.


He also has tried to change the traffic flow on Laney-Walker Boulevard, a very important street. I did know that he was trained as a traffic engineer.

As a retired faculty member, I am proud to be associated with the name of the Medical College of Georgia. As its mission has expanded, let us at least consider as a name the Medical and Arts University of Georgia, which would encompass both the medical school and ASU.

Donald O. Lundquist, D.D.S.



(The writer is a professor emeritus from the then-Medical College of Georgia’s School of Dentistry.)



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