The regents can be fought

What’s in a name? Obviously a lot!


Am I the only one who has noticed that, for the past week, virtually all the letters to the editor are expressions of students, faculty, alumni and other Augustans expressing displeasure with Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University merging under the name Georgia Regents University?

Transparency on the name selection process with the Board of Regents was like transparency in the passing of Obamacare – there was none! There was openness prior to putting it in the hands of the regents, and then it was gone! As far as I know, there was no public input or discussion at the meeting when the vote was cast.

I, like everyone else, am doing a lot of whining, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears, and that ultimately will get us nowhere. Therefore, I suggest another approach.

A little research on Google revealed that the Board of Regents is not immune to appeals, lawsuits, etc. According to Wikipedia, the board has been criticized in the past on several points, such as shortchanging smaller schools; ignoring opinions of faculty and students; forcing most schools to change their names in 1996; and forcing the system from quarters to semesters in 1998.

Short of a lawsuit, there are other avenues that may be more efficient in getting the name issue re-opened! In their own by-laws, Section VIII outlines an appeal process available for any student or employee in the University System of Georgia.

Therefore, in lieu of ranting, I think forming a like-minded group and filing for an appeal would be more effective.

However, if it turns out that a consensus decides that it would be a waste of time, then I would suggest a compromise in the name. How about Augusta Regents University? I am sure it will not please everyone, but it will come close.



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