Vote for Rick Allen in runoff

Republican voters in the 12th District have a golden opportunity this week to send a message to the nation that we are ready for a change in Washington.


We continue to witness primary elections around the country in which incumbents are being sent home, and we need to do the same thing in our own District 12.

First, we need to elect Rick Allen as the Republican candidate. He is the clear choice as he represents a successful businessman, and a man of integrity and faith. He is the only candidate who has signed a “no tax” pledge.

Sixty-six percent of Republican primary voters said they wanted change, but they did not want the only political incumbent in the race, Rep. Lee Anderson. Now is the time for healing and unity within our party, and I hope we will seize this opportunity to win the fall general election. I am urging supporters of Maria Sheffield and Wright McLeod to support Rick Allen with their votes and their financial resources.

Sending Rick Allen into the general election will give us the opportunity to take advantage of the 12th District Republican voting demographics, where 101,637 votes were cast, of which 59 percent were Republican. Now all we have to do is send the right candidate into the general election, and turn out the vote.

Rick will be a fair, conservative voice in Congress. He is a homegrown son of the CSRA.

Please take advantage of this opportunity we have been given, and come to the polls to vote for Rick Allen.

Randy Hatcher




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