Survey again on school name

Why not let students at Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University conduct a new naming survey for free? And how about surveying Augusta-area residents since it’s our university?


Then GHSU President Ricardo Azziz can concentrate on retaining health care for our residents with Blue Cross-Blue Shield and avoiding the threat of a lawsuit from Regent University of Virginia (their leaders asked so nicely in their letter).

Is Dr. Azziz really trying to make as many people as mad as possible? All that negativity directed toward him must be giving him a headache. Has anyone investigated his success rate in his last position?

And since he was hired to make changes, someone please tell him he can stop now. I only hope he’s buying the new signs and stationery for this second name change from local vendors.

Finally, post the contact info for all members of the Board of Regents so we can contact them directly to share our opinion of the new name.

Rita Floyd

Jackson, S.C.

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