Regents should decide name

Am I the only person who is sick and tired of all the negative press regarding Georgia Regents University, Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz and Board of Regents Chairman Ben Tarbutton III? I do not think so.

Let’s get on with it, people. The merger is one of the better ideas to happen in Augusta in years, as I stated in my letter of Jan. 27 (“School merger makes sense”).

A university’s reputation will be built by its good works, great faculty and its graduates’ accomplishments, not by its name.

No one refers to Oxford as “Shoe U,” and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a real tongue-twister. Cambridge University is named for a bridge over the river Cam running through its campus.

The regents have the right to call our schools anything they want. They are the regents’ responsibility, not The Augusta Chronicle’s or the former students’.

So, calm down and step up to support the school, its chosen leader and the regents. It’s going to be a grand step for our community!

George Sheftall



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