Make Peebles next sheriff

A large number of us displayed great understanding of politics during the recent primary voting by showing common sense and choosing to vote in the Democratic primary – a rarity among Republicans. The logic, of course, was to ensure Scott Peebles being chosen over the other candidates. Our efforts were partially successful. Scott received most of the votes; however, he was just short of the magic number that would have eliminated the need for a runoff.


I’m asking you to keep in mind the importance of this runoff – something I feel certain every one of you is aware of.

This is not an election that is centered on race. This is an election centered completely on one’s ability to manage the largest county law enforcement department in the state. Our sheriff’s office operates on a $50 million-plus budget and employs 700-plus officers. The position of sheriff cannot be left to someone who lacks so much managerial experience. Scott’s opponent does not have the experience required to manage a department of this size.

The next elected sheriff easily could serve for the next 20-plus years. Richmond County must have a sheriff who will continue the operating stability within the department that Ronnie Strength has maintained during his tenure as sheriff. Scott is more than capable of meeting this major need among the officers. They like him, admire him and look up to him.

To ensure Scott being the Democratic candidate in November’s general election, those of us who voted for him must return to the polls. Those of you who voted for a candidate who didn’t make the runoff, please consider casting your vote in support of Scott. Those of you who didn’t vote, please remember that you may still vote in the primary runoff.

The law enforcement officers of Richmond County must have the most qualified person available to manage the department. The citizens of Richmond County deserve no less.

A vote for Scott Peebles will ensure the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office will continue to operate in a most professional manner – something we citizens have become accustomed to under the leadership of Ronnie Strength. Please join me in electing Scott Peebles as the Democratic candidate for sheriff.

Hap Harris




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