It boils down to integrity

Many of our elected officials and non-elected decision-makers are suggesting that students at Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University move on regarding the choice of Georgia Regents University as the new name for the merger of GHSU and ASU.


As an indication of why they should move on, those folks have told students to think of the money that will flow here because of their acquiescence to the change.

We are living the consequences financially in this country of decisions made by people in power where money was the root cause of their individual and collective motivations. As a parent (old enough to be a college student’s parent), I would suggest there is a higher motivation – that of honesty and integrity.

The timing of this naming announcement is strategic. Students soon are to be absorbed in their classes, and the powers that be know that. I believe students have learned their first lesson of the year, and maybe one of the most important of their lifetimes: If you engage people in a process and promise them participation, then you should accept what the outcome may be regardless of whether it fits with your agenda.

That’s integrity. It’s more valuable than all the gold in Fort Knox.

Susan Schepens




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