Why choose a new name?

I have a question concerning the name change for the new school resulting from the merger of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University: Why does the new school even need a new name?


Think about it: Everyone in our area loves the name Augusta State University. Not only has ASU now gained the national recognition it deserves, we all love the acronym ASU, the Jaguars, etc.

Leaving the name unchanged would have many advantages. The only sign changes would be on the medical campus, saving millions. The golf and basketball teams would retain the championships they have earned under their original name. The present student body would not have to choose from several names on their diplomas, and alumni will still be proud of the name on theirs.

The name Augusta State University already contains two important words – “Augusta” and “University.” Why change it?

It would be much easier to convince the Board of Regents to keep the name as-is rather than argue over what new name would be acceptable or even needed!

This plan would satisfy all involved; retain the donations that are being reconsidered; and even restore some of the public’s respect for Dr. Azziz.

I am very surprised that this compromise has not been mentioned as a solution, and I sincerely believe this option would be satisfactory to all concerned.



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