Stay loyal to our university

Brad Usry’s letter (“Give GRU chance to grow,” Aug. 15) captured the importance of the decision to create another comprehensive research university, and what it will mean in economic growth in our area.


The Board of Regents demonstrated its commitment to the growth of this campus with the little-noticed announcement of $45 million to construct another cancer research building here, but the story was buried on back pages in very small print.

Years from now, graduates will be proud to note that they graduated from the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University. The college names within the university will remain the same. We have a statewide presence with students in Rome, Athens, Albany, Gainesville, Savannah and more, where many professionals are involved in teaching our students.

Let’s be loyal to the part of the university that we cherish, and do all we can to contribute to the vision that has been set before us.

Betty B. Wray, M.D.


Give GRU chance to grow
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