Naming process was rigged

So members of the Board of Regents hadn’t seen the marketing survey comparing popularity of proposed names for Augusta’s combined university (“Board didn’t see survey results,” Aug. 15).


Have they not seen or heard about the “letter” from Regent University in Virginia asking nicely not to use the name “Regents” for fear of confusion with their university? They also mentioned copyrights to the name.

Are these “leaders” so naïve that they think a lawsuit won’t follow if they go through with the name Georgia Regents University? Is it that important that the university is willing to stake a few million dollars in possible copyright infringements on keeping it?

Where is the sanity and sensible leadership in this pack of wolves? Everyone can see that, under Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz, the name “Regents” has been the choice all along. Spending thousands of dollars on surveys to “consider” five or six other choices has all been a scam to arrive at the real reason for choosing this name.

“King Azziz” has spoken – therefore it must be so.

Darrel McKenzie


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