Name choice disrespects us

While Augusta Chronicle Publisher William S. Morris III and I are not on a first-name basis, his decision to resign from the Board of Visitors at Georgia Health Sciences University (née Medical College of Georgia, whose founders include an ancestor) is a decision that all associated with GHSU and Augusta State University can applaud.


He has been an Augusta champion for many years. Mr. Morris’ personal, and now very public, decision sums up the feelings many of us have on the high-handed manner in which our community is being treated.

With its boneheaded selection of the name “Georgia Regents University” (the institution resulting from the forced marriage of GHSU and ASU), the Board of Regents has demonstrated wholesale disdain for the citizens of our area who support both and for everyone who ever attended either school. The attitude projected by the regents and GHSU President Ricardo Azziz epitomizes the arrogance and disrespect of those hired by the public (as is Dr. Azziz) and appointed to represent the public (as are the regents).

It appears that the GRU decision was “in the bag” long before publicly announced. The much-ballyhooed process to select the best name, with community input, was a sham and a waste of $45,000 in tax dollars. As for a name, “University of Augusta” has a nice ring.

I am not sure tar and feathers should be reserved for Dr. Azziz alone – as implied by Deputy Editorial Page Editor Joe Hotchkiss (“With new university under an assumed name, what’s next?” Aug. 12) . The tar pot and feather bale should be sufficiently large to include all of the self-serving parties – i.e., the regents who supported the GRU name. I’ll wager someone in town has a pot big enough for the job.

Again, well done, Mr. Morris!

Cone S. Underwood


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