Naming was huge mistake

Regarding the Aug. 12 editorial “What’s in a name? Everything!”: Nicely put. But I shall be a tad more blunt, as known by my peers.


Look to the east, from whence I hail.

There’s the Medical University of South Carolina-Charleston; the Medical University of South Carolina-Columbia; the University of South Carolina-Columbia; the University of South Carolina-Aiken (one of the top 10 smaller colleges over the past 10 years!); and many other “University of South Carolinas” designated by locations.

Hence: Medical University of Georgia-Augusta; Medical University of Georgia-Athens (soon to be, I believe); University of Georgia-Augusta; (though my heart still warms at Augusta State University); etc.

This naming “survey” was a financial debacle. If the administration cannot make a decision without testing the direction the wind blows, then this was political rather than administrative.

I have educational equity in the former Medical College of Georgia. I did five years postgraduate training there.

Thusly, I am of the opinion that Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz should cast about for another parking space.

Buck Pridgen, M.D.

North Augusta, S.C.

Editorial: What's in a name? Everything!
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