Acronym has poor appeal

Learned this from a friend this past weekend: Point your computer to Google and type in “GRU.” An early hit is Wikipedia’s “Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye.” Now this GRU is not nice!


Its first predecessor dates back to post-czarist Russia in 1918, when GRU was created under the sponsorship of Leon Trotsky. The organization steadily has evolved, and today GRU is viewed as primary in the instruction of terrorists worldwide. It plays an important role in the Russian Federation’s intelligence services, gathering data through its military attachés and foreign agents. While unproved, GRU has been suspected of maintaining arms caches within the United States, including tactical nuclear weapons. Supposedly there are death squads for the elimination of important American citizens in the event of a war.

And now the home of the Masters Tournament is to boast its own GRU! Imagine some student making an online application to the GRU dental hygiene program, to receive an admission letter for reporting to Moscow with a handgun and switch blade of personal choice. I would doubt any patient problems when it comes to proper brushing and flossing.

Now I still prefer elevating Augusta State University as the overall university name. We already know it, and we seem to like it. Only half the signs would need replacing, and only half of the letterhead stationery would have to be tossed. We would then have the Forest Hills Campus, the Arsenal Campus and the Health Central Campus. Keep the Jaguars and the school colors already existent up on the Hill.

And then when the football program is initiated in the new riverfront stadium, hey! OSU works for Ohio – why not ASU in Augusta?

Tom Dirksen, D.D.S.


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