Fight new university name

I wonder: Did Georgia Health Sciences University President Ricardo Azziz and the Board of Regents go with “Georgia Regents University” so we could see a united Augusta? They’ve certainly created an Augusta united against one of the worst names that was presented as an option for Augusta’s university.


Associating a university with a state board of regents is unheard of. I fail to see why doing so would make an institution more attractive to applicants. If anything, it takes agency of the university away from the students and faculty and gives it to a group of bureaucrats. How will that bring in students who would be excited about their place in a new school?

Also, why is it so pivotal for the new university to nominally disassociate itself with the city of Augusta? The College of Charleston, the University of Rochester and Pomona College are just a few examples of schools that have embraced their communities and have excelled in drawing students from across the nation. Their percentages of out-of-state students among their student bodies are 34.2 percent, 54 percent and 68 percent, respectively.

Can somebody explain why Dr. Azziz and Co. want to distance the medical school from Doctors Hospital’s burn center; University Hospital’s heart and cancer centers; MCG HealthCare’s pediatrics; and the Veterans Administration hospital’s spinal cord injury unit? All of them are regionally recognized medical centers.

Finally, Dr. Azziz has never worked closely with an athletics department. and it shows. School sporting events are an excellent way to increase revenue for the school, and the best way for the new school to maximize its revenue at such events is to draw on the community that has supported Augusta State University for years.

I hope Augusta doesn’t accept the name of this university without a fight.

Jonathan Wetherbee


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