Name keeps us competitive

I graduated from Augusta State University and work at Georgia Health Sciences University. Needless to say, I’m somewhat ambivalent in reaction to the Georgia Regents University name change.


The issue behind all of this is the pressure to make the university competitive on the global market – the bottom line probably reflected in negative revenue trends for both institutions in the coming years, because of a lack of education and research infrastructure.

To make GRU attractive to a potential student, focus was placed on the perception that a nonregional name – not “Augusta” – would increase its competitiveness, particularly to a foreign student pool. The top educational institutions in the country are getting an increased amount of students from the families of global elites who pay tuition and fees up-front.

Look at many of the graduate students from GHSU – multiracial, and I’d bet the bulk of them don’t rely on student aid. I’m not surprised that the Board of Regents decided to forgo the sentimentalities of the local populace in not referring to “Augusta” in the renaming.

You can’t have it both ways. If you support competitive capitalism, whose only allegiance is the bottom line, then don’t complain.

Rodney Hindrew


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