Name decision is 'idiotic'

It is a travesty that some self-important, self-serving committee with no regard for historical significance – or even knowledge of the meaning of the former Medical College of Georgia’s past – has taken it upon themselves to change the school’s name yet again to one with no meaning and no potential student attraction, and which certainly smacks of self-satisfying ego-stroking of the regents – appointed by whom?


Whose palms are being crossed with money? Who will benefit from this ridiculous name of Georgia Regents University? GRU on a T-shirt? Are you kidding? Athletics? Yes, I certainly hope my surgeon can play shortstop or at least swing a tennis racket.

I had donated my body to MCG and tolerated the name change to GHSU, but now, no way will I contribute in any way to this no-prestige college.

I also want my mother’s remains to be returned to me. As a direct descendant of Milton Antony – chief founder of the Medical College of Georgia – I decided that it would be meaningful to have her buried with other donors after the memorial service. I did that in good faith. Now, there’s no meaning and no loyalty from the current batch of “leaders,” and evidently no one who even cares – and her presence there is meaningless and insulting to her memory.

Will the public ever hear the truth behind this idiotic decision? It hopefully will be hurtful to monetary donations, revenue and numbers of body donations. Anyone who had a part in robbing MCG of a name steeped in historical significance and sentiment should be ashamed of themselves. That you were given power to do this is hateful and stupid.

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Mimi Arrington Chovan


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