Make the most of new GRU

On Aug. 8, after looking at The Augusta Chronicle’s cartoon and reading the editorial comments about the selected name for the merged Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University, I remembered something that Lester Moody, former manager of the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce, told me 50 years ago when I first came to Augusta: “Don’t burn bridges that you will have to cross again.” Paths change, and we move back and forth to move forward.


Consider that Augusta has no representation on the Board of Regents. Our regent does not live in Augusta. The regents are in control, and we should move in the direction of making the best out of this merger. How can we do that?

Georgia Regents University could and should be made up of several colleges, such as the College of Medicine, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Liberal Arts and so on. We also should ask for a $10 million ad campaign to let people know that this university got its start more than 200 years ago. While we have a new name, the same history and quality of the past still is present, and will be enhanced by a new emphasis on science, health, medicine, research and liberal arts.

Let us concentrate on further developing the newly named university as a great place for an education. Yes, football, too, and new dormitories and research facilities!

Making the most of this situation makes sense to me, particularly when I look at what they could have taken away from our area – and may yet, if we keep fighting them. Let us make history record our efforts in a positive, successful way.

Tim F. Maund



(The writer, president of an Augusta consulting firm, retired in 1999 after serving as executive director of the CSRA Regional Development Center for 37 years.)

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