Buyback wasted time, cash

Regrading the article “Event takes guns off street,” (Aug. 5): This event, while in theory good, in action does little or nothing except pad the pocketbooks of unscrupulous people.

As a self-proclaimed gun enthusiast, I look at the photos of firearms turned in for $70 each and see what could be described best as junk! Virtually every firearm shown so nicely locked up with heavy cable wraps is the proverbial “Saturday Night Special” so diligently pursued by anti-gun followers. They are, for the most part, what could best be described as “pot metal” and originally sold for $50 or less. According to organizer Niki Watson’s count, she redeemed 22 guns at $70 each. Simple arithmetic shows Ms. Watson shelled out $1,540 dollars for what amounted to about $1,000 worth of what could be called trotline weights at best. Again, a good idea in theory, but all she did was waste her and others’ money for little or nothing.

Anyone owning a quality firearm will not turn it over to anyone for a pittance.

Jerry O’Connor

North Augusta, S.C.

Organizers take in 22 firearms at Augusta gun buyback


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