Food chain against gays

Your editorial (“Chicken divine,” Aug. 3) is wrong to assert that “President and Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy merely reaffirmed in an interview that the Chick-fil-A family stands for the biblical definition of marriage.” Actually, it goes much further than that. You neglected to mention that the owners of Chick-fil-A have donated millions of dollars to organizations that are actively working to deny basic civil rights to gay people.


The owners have a right to believe in any religious nonsense they may choose, and nobody in the gay community ever said that they do not. However, they do not have a right to force their Bibles and personal belief system down the throats of the rest of us. We are supposed to be a nation of civil, not religious, laws. But of course that little detail has been completely lost in this yet one more, ludicrous battle.

Will this bigoted nonsense ever end? The owners crossed the line when they decided to act, by donating vast sums of money, to deny the civil rights of a certain group of people who happen to have been born gay. Imagine the uproar from conservatives if an opposing group were trying to do the same thing to them, that they feel entitled to do to gays.

And as to the “biblical definition of marriage,” isn’t that blood-soaked book filled with the polygamy, incest, adultery, murder and rape of its cast of characters when they’re not being holy? Why should we trust their opinions when it comes to marriage? But if the religious zealots really believe in following the Bible, shouldn’t they be picking up weaponds instead of chicken sandwiches, and using them against gays to put them to death? I mean, that’s biblical too! And it’s really what all the religious hypocrites, including the hate-filled Truett Cathy, really want to do.

Denial of human rights to other human beings, which the owners of this filthy corporation are seeking to do, goes way beyond simply expressing what you believe in. There. Was that so difficult?

Hating on gay people and promoting the denial of their basic freedoms is a strange way of “detecting hints of love, commitment, dedication and faith, with a strong taste of freedom.” Actually, it’s downright twisted. And it’s just the type of “freedom and love” that belongs in the closet. What an embarrassing editorial.

Joni Ellsworth

North Augusta, S.C.

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