Don't slight businessmen

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that business. You didn’t make that happen. Someone helped you.”


Those were President Obama’s famous words July 13. The remarks made by the president were demeaning and insulting to anyone who has worked hard to build a business and to accomplish this on their own.

I took personal offense to Obama’s statement in regard to my late daddy, Herbert Corbett. My daddy built his gas station and mechanical business completely on his own. Other than a small loan, which he paid back in full, my daddy had zero help.

He worked like three men in all kinds of weather conditions plus extremely long hours. He was an ultimate businessman who treated his customers with respect, dependability and honesty. The people in the community admired him for his workmanship and for his reputation. My daddy was considered top-notch!

Apparently Obama knows nothing about hard work, building a business and jobs in general. His economic ideas are certainly inefficient, and he’s totally oblivious to the debt problem. All in all, this once-great country is in a disastrous state.

I bet my daddy could’ve done a good job of reviving this nation. He was living proof that you can build a business on your own and without any help. Obama needs to know that you can “make that happen.” My daddy certainly did!

Ruth Pilcher




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