University of Georgia-Augusta

The three name submissions last month for the combined university here reveals a risky proposition.


The Consolidation Working Group is telling the Board of Regents they want “The University of Augusta” (as the name for the combined Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University). It is clear the other names are an awkward and unlikely feign, so much so it may be by design.

Labeling a major university “Arts and Science” is exclusive. A cursory look at any other major university reveals “Arts and Sciences” is a designation fit for a department, not an institution. What about the College of Business, or the future possibility of a law or engineering school?

The other suggestion, Georgia Regents University, I believe speaks for itself.

I applaud the Board of Regents’ decision to consolidate the two universities. This was an unprecedented announcement of their commitment to Augusta and the future of Georgia’s health sciences. We can all agree this decision promises great opportunity far beyond our bumper stickers, new signs and diplomas.

However, the name change could and should be used as an opportunity to build architecture for growth in Georgia’s medical education that will meet our burgeoning population’s health needs. I personally hope the board will be bold and think outside of the names presented next week.

I will be candid and to the point: Although we have been told it is not possible, we want Augusta and we want Georgia in the name. It is time for Georgia to unabashedly adopt the Texas model and build a premiere web of synchronized institutions beginning in this city. Why not call it what it is? We are the University of Georgia Augusta (UGAA). There simply is no better option.

Walter Green




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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