Public aid can be put to work for the public

For years now, President Obama has been running around the country stating that he wanted to level the playing field that separates the rich from the poor. In doing so, all of his freebies have created a new army of people who depend on the free handouts from the Enabler-in-Chief.


Having said the above, my sister had a novel idea regarding those who sit on their derrieres and get aide from the government, towns and cities.

She believes those who can work and are just sitting around all day with nothing to do should be put to work and earn their handout. They can pick up papers along the highways and roads and beautify their communities.

My idea was to put this army of unused people to work in government, towns and cities that have skeleton crews because of cutbacks in services until they can get back on their feet. If people can be taught a job such as gardening, painting or cleaning, then they may have the wherewithal to want to start their own businesses.

From my perspective, there are numerous jobs that those collecting welfare, food stamps or what-have-you can fill to lift their self-esteem and help their communities.

Instituting such programs would save many communities a lot of money and keep them from falling behind in their maintenance programs, while giving someone a chance to earn what they have worked for.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.


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