Life's crumbling all around

It’s sad to see that so many of us are still holding on to ignorant mind-sets.


I can tell by the things I see and hear that, in spite of all that’s happened, we have learned practically nothing at all.

Not long ago, I was in the Evans Kohl’s store. I was waiting on line to pay for some items when I heard a man tell a woman that she should stay on her own side of town. He told her, I don’t shop where you live, why do you have to come here to shop?

On a recent Saturday I stepped out of my home in Augusta, and had to go back in because there were about 25 to 30 individuals in the street about to engage in a rumble. I waited about half an hour and tried again. The moment I got into my car I heard bullets and about 12 individuals ran down the street fleeing the gunfire. One person hid behind the tree that was right next to the car I was in. I slumped down in the seat to avoid being hit. I called the cops and they said they were already on the way.

We are so busy playing I’m better than you are that we can’t see that life is crumbling all around us. We have to join together to combat the real problems, because if we don’t they will soon be at everyone’s doorstep.

Elsie Turner




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