Augusta has come long way, but has much longer to go, in acceptance of LGBTs

The negative stigma surrounding the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community and all who support it gives understandable reason as to why people would have foul opinions.


The reason people have this negative stigma is because people have ignorantly formed opinions based upon fallacies. Overall, it hinders our community from becoming well-rounded and accepting, as well as supportive toward the LGBT citizens of our city.

The Augusta Pride festival showed just how far Augusta has come in a few short years, but after the festival is over, the LGBT community does not leave with it. They are all still here and trying to live their lives. The gay-bashing frequently found in many local publications show Augusta’s true colors on their view of the LGBT community.

One thing people frequently forget are the children and teens who are coming to terms with who they are. If you take time to realize the hatred and bigotry thrown at these teens, it does not take very long to understand why practically none of them has the desire to stay local. Augusta is not a city where people can be themselves without fear of judgment and garnering hate. This is absurd.

Augusta is the second-largest city in Georgia, often dubbed “Little Atlanta,” and there is such frequent chastising of the LGBT community by citizens of Augusta that the view is almost completely backward. Why are people so demeaning toward what they do not know or understand?

Everyone should stop looking at the things they think are “immoral” or “wrong,” and focus upon themselves. The “gay agenda” is strictly to get the rights they think they deserve.

Samuel Wilson




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