Thank you, Chicago!

Chicago’s mayor has declared that “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values.” Was that supposed to be an indictment or a compliment?


What does Chicago value? Does it value prompt and courteous service? Does it value the lives and families of employees who are not required to work on Sunday? No, those aren’t the issues. The real issue is that certain Chicago politicians do not value traditional marriage and feel that they must attack anyone who does.

It is clear that “Chick-fil-A values” are Kingdom of God values, and that is just the problem. Jesus said, “If they have hated Me, they will hate you.” He tells us to count it as all joy when persecuted for righteousness’ sake.

Christians are not ashamed of Christ or of the values of His kingdom. We are prepared to suffer, whenever necessary, for His name’s sake.

For the record, we neither hate the people who disagree with us, nor single them out for persecution. Our King tells us to bless those who persecute us and love those who hate us. Christians defend Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s right to freely hold his opinion, but his comment seems ironically telling. He meant to condemn Chick-fil-A, but he unintentionally praised it by contrasting its Godly values with the worldly values that he seems to cherish.

Carroll H. Camp

North Augusta, S.C.

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