Community invested in ASU

Augusta College/Augusta State University was founded in 1925, and has been an excellent college/university for our community over the years. Unfortunately, our community did not have a say in the consolidation with Georgia Health Sciences University! Last fall, ASU had 6,741 students enrolled, with 67.5 percent from Richmond and Columbia counties. Last fall, GHSU had 2,948 enrolled with 16.5 percent from Richmond and Columbia counties. Obviously, with those numbers, you can see our community has supported ASU and our community should have the opportunity to name our new university!

ASU has a rich history in our community, and I believe “Augusta” should still be in its name. It is so sad to see ASU being absorbed into GHSU. It is very disappointing that the Georgia Board of Regents did not survey our community before initiating the merger. I think it would mean a lot to our community if the Board of Regents would listen to us and take our suggestions in the naming of our new university.

As an ASU alumna, I would like to thank ASU’s previous and present administration and faculty for serving our community for the past 87 years – job well done!

Kimberly Parrish




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