TSPLOST not just a penny

Here is what the mayor of Dalton, Ga., says about the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax:

“If this tax passes in all the regions, it will immediately take $1.5 billion out of the struggling Georgia economy. Georgia is ranked 49th in per-capita income growth in this century. Twenty percent of Georgians have lost 25 percent or more of their income since 2008. Our population is ranked the most economically stressed in the U.S. Most of the job growth since 2009 has been in low-wage jobs. While 3 percent of Georgians were earning minimum wage in 2009, now 10 percent of Georgians are earning minimum wage, twice the national average.”

Proponents say “it is only a penny.” But with drought raising grocery prices, you will pay more at the supermarket.

This is a great bonanza for Georgia state government and road construction firms, but it is not for the consumer – and me. Where are our conservative Republicans whom I elected to office? Who will guarantee the TSPLOST is temporary?

I vote “no” on the TSPLOST.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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