Make justice expedient

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama have come out with comments about more gun control after the Aurora, Colo., massacre. The gun laws are more than tight enough. As a matter of fact most of them are illegal!

What is needed is stricter enforcement of punishment for violent criminals. Police say James Holmes is a suspect; I think he is the person responsible for these terrible crimes. I agree with the comments of Donald Trump – try him today and execute him tomorrow. When there is no doubt about a person’s guilt, get it over with and don’t waste my tax money on these scum – kill them!

People should be tried for these violent crimes within a 90-day period; if found guilty, all appeals must be filed and heard in court within 90 days; and if the guilty verdict is upheld, then the sentence is to be carried out immediately.

A big help would be to get rid of these liberal judges, and pass a constitutional amendment that all judges must uphold all laws as written, with no interpretation as long as they meet the requirements of the Constitution and that states’ rights prevail over federal law.


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