Letters show voters' choice

Last summer, The Augusta Chronicle printed two letters to the editor that were both informative and poignant – on Aug. 1, Bobby Wright’s “Letter writer misguided about taxes,” and on Aug. 4th, R.I. McKinley’s “Top earners won’t miss a few billions.”

Mr. Wright’s letter addressed the amount of taxes that wage-earners paid to the government. He suggested we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Mr. McKinley’s letter focused on how much money the rich “took in” or “claimed” rather than on how much they earned. He suggested increasing the amount of money the government took from top wage-earners.

These letters represent the crux of what is facing us in November. Do we want to re-elect a regime bent on taking more money from the workers and increasing the size of government? Or do we want to elect new leaders who will allow us to keep more of our hard-earned money and will shrink the size of government?

Letter writer misguided about taxes
Top earners won't miss a few billions


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