Allen is an honorable man

It is my good fortune to be friends with Republican 12th District Congressional District candidate Rick W. Allen. It is abundantly clear that he is an honorable man. This title is rarely used anymore in our world of situational ethics. It applies to Mr. Allen.

Mr. Allen has been an outstanding businessman while adhering to a deep, abiding Christian faith and set of values. He could have located his business anywhere, but to help Augusta and the surrounding area he invested significantly in redeveloping an empty storefront on Broad Street as his primary office. he has been on several humanitarian boards of directors, and has given freely of his time, energy and finances to make our community better.

As a leader and Sunday school teacher at Trinity-on-the-Hill United Methodist Church, Mr. Allen shows a true commitment to improving moral and ethical lives. His marriage of 35-plus years shows a commitment to his wife and love for his children and grandchildren that we rarely see anymore.

Mr. Allen is a man of dedication, commitment and honor, and I know of no one better to send to Congress – a businessman who truly understands our nation’s problems. If you want real change in the “Washington lifestyle,” please pick up a Republican ballot and join me July 31 in voting for an honorable man to represent our congressional district: Rick W. Allen.

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