TSPLOST is an investment

The transportation special-purpose local option sales tax vote is a critical opportunity for the CSRA.


Quality transportation is important not just for our daily lives, but for our economic future as well. What would our city, state or even country look like if previous generations had not prepared for the future by building transportation infrastructure?

The TSPLOST is our chance to invest in our community for the future and for today. Without this new funding source, where will the funding come from for the important road projects in our area? With less state and federal money available, projects will be pushed back and, in some cases, maybe forever.

The funds created by the TSPLOST are spent right here – no funds redirected to Atlanta or Washington for projects elsewhere. We will get the direct benefit for our tax dollars.

We need to invest in our community to create economic activity and a better way of life for everyone. The TSPLOST lets us make that investment knowing what we are getting, and how long we are paying for it. This is the kind of investment we should be making.

Bob O’Neal




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