Give Benedict a chance

I am writing about the upcoming District 2 Columbia County Commission election between Trey Allen and Lee Benedict.


I don’t know Trey Allen but, as a fellow educator, I know, work with and respect Lee Benedict. Unlike the incumbent, whose interface with the public I first witnessed at a very turbulent, overcrowded meeting regarding Magnolia Trace last December, Lee Benedict is not one to take an elected position for granted.

A family man as well as a combat veteran with impeccable conservative credentials, Lee brings common sense and compassion to the job as both a teacher and parent. A man of principle unafraid to voice his opinion on what is right vs. wrong, Lee is undeterred by controversy. He is honest and forthright in his dealings with all. A quick learner, Lee seeks and considers advice before making tough yet sound decisions, both personally and professionally.

As a retired Army officer who’s been responsible for millions of taxpayer dollars in funds and inventory, I have no doubt that he will safeguard our hard-earned tax dollars. Lee Benedict either will perform or require the appropriate and necessary research prior to voting on spending them.

A Columbia County taxpayer since our arrival here in 1993, I have seen the county under various commissioners and chairmen expand into quite a cosmopolitan community. Of course, our continually rising property taxes have fueled this expansion. Most of these projects were necessary and have benefitted all. Others were not and do not.

Given that many communities across the nation – largely because of fiscal irresponsibility and nonchalance on the part of elected leadership – are on the verge of bankruptcy, it is time for informed voters to hold politicians accountable. Lee Benedict, a current public servant, not only believes that but is asking for the privilege to have us hold him accountable. I will give him his chance. So should you.

Mark J. Dunn




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