Actually, we did build that

Again I have been amazed by the words off the lips of our illustrious president. He loudly proclaimed that business owners do not deserve the credit for the success of their companies: “You didn’t build that.” I hear those words over and over in my head. As the owner and operator of a small business for more than 18 years, I take serious offense to those remarks.


Maybe he is giving credit to the highway system that my customers take to my door. Maybe it’s to the contractor who built my building. It even could be to the power company that hooked up my power meter. Maybe that is the assistance received by business owners such as me.

Looking back, I paid the contractor; Georgia Power sends a bill every month; and I pay sales tax, property tax, self employment tax, occupational tax and any other fees the government can dream up. Even in lean times, these must be paid before I receive a salary. These services come with a price tag; not one of them were provided without a fee.

President Obama is way out of touch with the business community. No one, other than a business owner, worries about how a decision affects their bottom line or mere survival. Neither Obama nor any of the others who agree with him have spent early mornings, late nights and weekends doing anything necessary to keep my business solvent. He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

I was raised by hard-working parents who taught my siblings and I that the road to success was through hard work. Neither the world, the people nor the government owes us anything. If you want something, you need to earn it.

This is another case of trying to bring the producers in this country down, all done under the guise of fairness. This is the United States of America, the land of opportunity. Those who choose not to take advantage of that opportunity should not be rewarded by punishing those who do.




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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