We're taxed enough already

There are signs all over the CSRA asking you to vote YES for the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax July 31.

I have no doubt that our roads need improvement, but we already pay a motor use fuel tax for road improvements. For every gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel, you pay 7.5 cents for a highway tax; 3 cents sales tax; 1 cent that goes to the state of Georgia general fund; and 18.4 cents as a federal excise tax. So for every gallon of fuel you put in your vehicle, you already pay 29.9 cents in taxes.

If you vote “yes” for this new tax, it will be in effect for 10 years. Most of us will need a new vehicle in 10 years, so 1 percent added to the sales price of most cars and trucks will add another $300 to $400. In Columbia County, we pay a state income tax; real-estate property tax; ad valorem tax on personal property; state and local sales taxes; a local SPLOST; and a rain tax. What is left to tax?

Vote “no” on the TSPLOST.



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