We need McLeod in D.C.

We are fortunate to have a high-caliber American to run for our 12th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Wright McLeod not only has superior educational qualifications accumulated throughout his career, but he also has gained a realistic world view of our complex global relations with great military implications.


I’m sure my favorite past congressman, Charlie Norwood, would hail his nomination from above.

McLeod is free of influence-peddlers and lobby control, and has a grip on local, state and national issues, which is imperative in today’s world. How much have we complained about congressional ineptitude and laxity and political favoritism, with the public’s congressional approval rating down to 18 percent?

Deep cuts in our military budget – not entitlements – are coming. McLeod understands the implications with his successful past military service. We need his superior judgment and knowledge in global affairs more than the good-ol’-boy system.

Congress and the executive have failed us in recent years. Let’s put a “top gun” in Congress – vote Wright McLeod for the 12th District!

S.G. von Schweinitz




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