This election is important

How can you vote for someone – anyone – who believes that the Constitution is a “living document” that should be put out of its misery? How do you vote for anyone who does not know this is a republic and not a democracy, which allows the nation to survive on the whims and greed of the minority? How do you vote for anyone who does not believe in moral integrity, free enterprise and marriage responsibility, and is against sexual chaos?


We do not need to be like other nations because they are failing and corrupt. We were the light of the world, which is why people came here and why others vow to turn out our lights. Only those who hate humanity and themselves would want to destroy our freedom, success and faith. We are losing the battle, almost gleefully accepting our bondage of excessive taxes, sexual perversion and political correctness.

What compressed mind would want such a thing? Do we not want liberty? Do we all not want success? Do we not want to pursue happiness? Judging by our recent elections, we despise those who achieved the American dream, hate working for our basic needs and dare to mock God for not sending manna from heaven to feed our lazy selves. Like it or not, the archaic vision of our forefathers looks pretty good compared to the anarchy that is our new future.

If you think our next election is not important, think again. Stop blaming someone else and stand up for the change we were promised more than 200 years ago. The road to destruction is wide, so do we vote to save our country or do we vote for more handouts and social collapse? Which do you choose?

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.



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