Anderson gives of himself

As most folks know, Lee Anderson is running for Congress. From farming to political office, Lee has served Columbia County for many years while earning a reputation as a tough but fair person with roots seated in church, family and country. It is what lies beneath this persona that everyone doesn’t know – and that’s where my story begins.


I grew up with Lee Anderson near Harlem in the 1970s. While we were teenagers, folks at school started talking about a barbecue pit they went to on the weekends that had great food and an entertaining pitmaster who loved kids.

The pitmaster’s name was Homer Carpenter. “Homer’s pit” became the place to be on the weekends and after school.

In February 2011, I learned that Homer had fallen on hard times and was very sick. I also learned that Lee Anderson had given Homer a place to live.

I visited Homer and he told me that Lee had also organized a support team to get him to doctor’s appointments, deliver groceries, and spend time with him.

Homer said that without Lee he did not know what he would have done.

In May 2011, Homer went back into the hospital and passed away. At the funeral, Lee broke down, saying he wished he could have done more.

Lee taught me a valuable lesson about friendship and helping others. He helped someone in need and asked for nothing in return.

My purpose is to let you know about the person behind the politics. When Lee refers to himself as a “simple man,” he means there is nothing fancy about him. His beliefs are simple: faith, family and friendship. With all the complications in Washington, I’m ready for some “simple.” I can’t think of a better person representing us in Washington.





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