Who says we hate Obama?

In response to Victor Reilly’s letter “Why the hatred for Obama” (July 8): Who said they hate him? Liberals love to spew the hate talk. What the writer really means is, “Why doesn’t everyone agree with him?” When children don’t get their way, they say “Why do you hate me?”A pitiful tactic.


Mr. Reilly presents his opinions as facts but they are far from it. The whole purpose of the Opinion page is to allow people to make comments that are not necessarily factual or realistic.

President Obama got the stimulus bill passed? President George W. Bush proposed the stimulus before he left office but then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to bring it to the floor of the House until Obama was inaugurated.

Mr. Obama was more than happy to support the bill to help his rich friends. Rich people make risky investments on mortgage-backed securities. Then they buy loss insurance from American International Group. Tens of billions of dollars went immediately to AIG, which gave all the fat cats their money back, at taxpayers’ expense.

Mr. Obama created 4 million jobs? Sounds pretty good if you ignore the fact that he lost 6 million jobs. There are 2 million fewer people working today than the day he took office. Bush did it, right? Did Bush promise unemployment would be 6 percent at the end of Obama’s first term?

General Motors would be out of business if not for Obama? How ridiculous! GM would have filed for bankruptcy, restructured, paid off its debts, ended multimillion-dollar executive bonuses and would be back on their feet by now. Again, Mr. Obama helped the rich executives and millionaire stockholders.

Bush caused the housing bubble to burst? The Democratic-controlled House refused to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from buying risky subprime loans.

Pelosi, Rep. Barney Frank and other lunatic liberals insisted everyone should have a house, even if they could not afford one. Mortgage companies did not care if you could make the payment or not. Fannie Mae was going to buy the loan, no matter what!

Finally, Mr. Reilly played the race card in his last sentence. His race-baiting and hate-spewing could have been accomplished with just his first sentence and his last. This is what his letter should have looked like:

“Why do so many Americans hate President Obama? Maybe it is his mixed race.”

I don’t agree with Mr. Reilly. Therefore, I hate him, I think ...